Cathcing up

Well guys some things have certainly happened since the last time I posted. I was on peritoneal dialysis last time I posted, well things started going down in a big way when I got peritonitis, this is a highly (actually one of the top five most painful thighs I have ever gone through) I wound up getting it three times and the last time I had it so bad that they had to remove the tube from my belly that allowed me to do that type of dialysis. Because of all of this I wound up being in the hospital for a real long time, and bed bound for all of that so by the time I was well enough to leave the hospital I was still way too weak to go home, so I enter azalea Place nursing home. I have been here for well over a year, I am back on hemo dialysis (the kind where they filter your blood to replace the action of your kidneys) I have already had three graft operations (a graft is what they stick the huge ass needles in to do the dialysis) the first two failed and I am down to the last place on my body that can have one and it is my right thigh. It has not been all bad being here, mostly but not all, the food sucks there is not much to do and the staff over time has gone from bad to worse. On the cool side though I have made three or four pretty good friends and I wouldn't trade that. But I have seen alot of death and gross a few scarry times and funny as well. A hearing is going to be held at the end of this week, it will decide whether I go home with the help I need or if I just go home with nothing. So feeling a little apprehensive. Well I will get back to ya later. Joe

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