No Surprise

Infectious Insanity!: "The MaDShow will be covering the presidential debates tonight live on RantRadio. Thats right. Press credentials, baby. Mark's gonna be there in Florida live and I will be joining him online in a voice conference. Those who hear this and remember the VMAs may be surprised tonight. Hell, if it works this time even I'll be surprised. Here's to hope. Tune in!"

I was privy to the presidential debates and the expected mudslinging was not the most Heinous thing that happened, the true travesty rests squarely at the feet of the Mark and Darrell show. I can only hang my head in shame. They actually failed (again) to broadcast and comment on the debate between these two great men.


the Nails were scattered

Nine Inch Nails had nearly finished recording thier latest album when they decided to pack up and head home. A decision that would end up seeing the van and all its contents meeting the Arizona sand in a truly unpleasant way as the van rolled to a tumultuous stop. On a personal note I hope this does not postpone the new album.

new music

So my favorite band Nine Inch Nails is on the war path again with a  new album soon to be burning up the charts.The new album Bleed through is set to hit SOON. And o a personal note after the Fragile I cannot wait to hear what Reznor is serving up next, if it can even come close to matching the angst of Pretty Hate Machine and the heart of the Fragile I will have a ten foot erection with a cheese burger on the end.