My Life Lately

 I can sum things up pretty quick about lately. I'm tired. I have this buddy that had a problem and needed a place for the weekend and maybe a couple of days longer.Well I said come on and stay as long as we can stretch this out and that will give you time to figure shit out and make your next move. It is late Wednesday night, we stay up late watching movies and bullshitting.But I gotta level with you folks, my ass is dragging. Of course his is too he does not have super powers either. But all in all I would not have taken anything for the time though, he and his friend are good company.

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manda said...

hey.. sorry to hear that.. i hope that you are feeling better soon and that your friend finds somewhere else to crash.. if you need to talk (anytime you can or want to) feel free to give me a holler.. i will do my best to be available.. love ya lots.. manda