sometheing, yet I don't know

Today has started off both unusual and yet completly without incident. I would give all of the money that I don't have to be able to proces this feelling that I have. It is both a feelling of urgency like I am  supposed to be doing something else and a feelling of impending doom. And yet both of them are for no reason and completly without merrit. I hope. I have not been sleeping very well and even when I do am plagued with bizarre and usually nightmarish dreams, perhaps this is where these new and certainly unwelcome feellings are raising thier head from.Do you remember dear reader being young and Saturday being your favorite day of the week because you could get up early and have your bowl of Fruit Loops,or what have you in front of the TV while the Saturday morning cartoons took you to all those places you wanted to go to so much, and when you were done if you wanted to you could usually sneak in a nap with your folks if they were not up yet themselves.God, I miss those days.Both the simplicity of them and the childlike innocence.

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Anonymous said...

Those days were simple, but so were emotions. Happiness was about getting a candy bar, or getting to stay up an extra hour early. As much as complex emotions suck when they are bad, they are absolutely amazing when they are good.